Friday, January 26, 2007

COMMENTARY >> Heartfelt thanks to Honor Guard

Recently, the Base Honor Guard performed military honors at my fatherís funeral. My family and I were very impressed and are very grateful for their services that day.

The Honor Guard traveled several hours each way to get to the National Cemetery in Fayetteville. They were in perfect form in a strong cold wind. Please pass along to them my thanks. It did my heart good to see so many Maintenance Badges on their uniforms.

My father was in a maintenance troop for his whole 20 years of service. My oldest brother and I served in Air Force aviation maintenance, too.

It may interest the members of the Honor Guard to know that the man they were honoring served in the Pacific in World War II and took part in the Berlin Airlift. Throughout his life he stayed in touch with his friends from his military days, and they were a good influence on my brothers and me. I would like to pass along photos from the funeral.

They show better than words how terrific a job these men did.

Iím attaching an example.

Please let me know where I should send other photos of the Honor Guard.

Jim Stocker


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