Friday, January 12, 2007

MOVIE REVIEW > > 'Slither' delivers the blood-curdling goods

By Staff Sgt. Mitchell Lombard
Special to The Drop Zone

Rated R for strong violence/gore and language

After becoming bored with a string of sappy dramas and half-hearted romantic comedies, “Slither” seemed like the obvious choice to reawaken my movie senses.

Not only did it work like a charm, but if slimy, wormlike aliens ever decide to invade Earth, I’ll know exactly what to do.
The quiet town of Wheelsy doesn’t see much excitement, at least not until a meteor lands in the woods near the town and unleashes a parasitic alien race upon the residents. Soon, a growing, mutated monster begins to spawn thousands of slimy offspring that stop at nothing to infect each and every human being they can find, culminating in a slimy, disgusting showdown that has universal implications.

While most of the acting is reduced to screams and looks of horror, the mostly unknown crew did a fine job barreling through the script with just enough overacting and sarcasm to make it enjoyable, especially if you keep in mind that horror movies are supposed to be fun, not win Oscars.

The gross-out factor settles in right near the top of the scale for this film, with several scenes that are likely to make you grimace as you struggle to hold down your dinner and popcorn. The hordes of slimy worms jumping into everyone’s mouths and horrid scenes of mutation and B-rated gore are enough to put a smile on even the staunchest of horror fans.
The heavy dose of comedy infused with more scenes of alien nastiness than you can shake a ray gun at ensures that love it or hate it, “Slither” won’t leave you bored. Go ahead and chalk me up in the “love it” column.

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