Friday, January 12, 2007

TOP STORY >> Free tax service starts Tuesday

The 2006 tax season is upon us and the 314th Airlift Wing’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program provides free electronic filing services to all active duty military, retired military, military dependents and federal civilian employees.

The tax center is scheduled to open Tuesday in the Conference Center.

Although the base office does not handle complicated returns, most 1040, 1040a and 1040EZ forms with attachments can be filed at the base tax center.

“The VITA volunteer force is the backbone of the program,” said Tech. Sgt. Lori Henderson, VITA program coordinator. “All volunteers have either completed a training course conducted by local IRS representatives, or completed a comprehensive online tutorial feature, both of which included in-depth reviews of tax laws, recent tax law changes and hands-on training in tax return preparation.”

During the 2005 tax-filing season, the VITA program garnered over $3.5 million in tax refunds and saved the Little Rock Air Force Base community more than $361,400 by offering tax preparation and electronic filing free of charge.

“In an effort to further pass along savings to the community, we are again offering a walk-in tax preparation service to all single military members filing a 1040EZ form,” Sergeant Henderson said. “In fact, most 1040EZ forms can be done and returned to you within the same day. One of our goals is to minimize, if not eliminate, the unnecessary expenditure of funds at an off-base tax preparation center. Through our program, you can have your taxes filed for you free of charge, right here on base.”

Members can contact their squadron VITA representatives for an appointment to have their returns filed.

For those members and units without VITA representatives, call the Base Legal Office at 987-7886 for more information.

(Courtesy of the Base Legal Office)


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