Thursday, February 22, 2007

TOP STORY >>Air Mobility Command's command chief visits

314th Airlift Wing Strategic Information Flight

Air Mobility Command's top enlisted leader visited the "Home of the Herk" Feb. 14 and 15. Command Chief Master Sgt. Joseph Barron, Jr., toured the C-130 Center of Excellence, met with base senior leadership, conducted an enlisted call with 463rd Airlift Group members, viewed the 314th Logistics Readiness Squadron deployment center and spoke at the base's Chief's Induction Ceremony as part of his visit.

The chief said the Herculean contributions of Little Rock's tactical airlifters are making a true difference everyday fighting the Global War on Terrorism. Tactical airlift has kept more than 5,000 convoys off the roads of Iraq. "If we didn't have our tactical airlift, we wouldn't be able to feed our people or get them the supplies they need," the chief said. "More importantly, we wouldn't be able to get those convoys off the road.

"It's absolutely necessary to winning the Global War on Terrorism," the chief said. "We are making a difference and saving lives every day." Every Airman is important to not only making the mission happen, but also telling its story, Chief Barron said. "Every one of us is a communicator and every one of us needs to tell our story," the chief said. "Our Airmen are very modest. And they don't want a lot of glitter and glamour. But they are truly heroes.

"They need to tell their story because if they don't, the public won't know the great things they are doing and great impact they are making, not only on Iraqis but the rest of the world," he said. With the challenges of force shaping, modernization and operations tempo, the chief said supervisors are crucial to making the mission on the front lines a success. He said the most important thing supervisors can do is get to know their Airmen and their families.

"Get to know your people. Get out from behind the desk and look your people in the eye and make sure they are doing well every day," Chief Barron said. "Make sure the Airmen who work for you know their work means something and they are making a difference."

The trip gave Chief Barron a chance to meet the men and women who are making a difference with Little Rock's C-130 tactical airlift mission. "I'm really impressed with the people and the teamwork that is evident here," he said. "You can truly tell it's a team here. It's one team, one fight."


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