Thursday, September 6, 2007

TOP STORY >>AETC/CCC touches on leadership, today's NCO strengths

By Staff Sgt. Beth Orlen
314th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Warriors. Excellence. Selflessness.

Words that portray Airmen today, according to Chief Master Sgt. Mark Luzader, Command Chief Master Sergeant of Air Education and Training Command.

That’s a lot to say about an entire force, but Chief Luzader highlighted the fact that our Air Force has been flying and fighting continuously for the last 16 years. “Today the Air Force possesses some of the most combat seasoned noncommissioned officers this nation has ever seen” the chief said.

And it’s these men and women that are coming to AETC to train the next generation of warriors and leaders.

“The AETC commander, Gen. (William) Looney III trusts that Airmen in AETC will deploy and support the fight to the maximum extent possible,” said Chief Luzader, “…which can be challenging to a combat airlift organization like 314th Airlift Wing. There is a delicate balance between deploying combat airlift expertise while sustaining our commitment to student production in the formal school house.”

But it is that experience gained through deployments that keeps our instructor cadre and courseware relevant, according to the chief.

“The GWOT is not static and our mission evolves with the fight. AETC needs Airmen with recent deployment experience. As part of our instructor cadre these Airmen integrate lessons learned into the curriculum and share their combat experiences with the next generation of warriors who will deploy forward in the near future” he said.

And Chief Luzader believes that it is the quality of the Airmen coming into the Air Force that makes it all possible.

“We ask for the nation’s very best young adults to serve in our Air Force” he said. “Seventy-five percent of the age eligible population does not meet the prerequisites to serve as enlisted airmen in our Air Force. As I watch Airmen graduate from basic training, I ask myself sometimes what other company has a work force like ours? We owe them the very best leadership and training the world has to offer and I am confident that is what you deliver daily at the Rock!”


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