Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TOP STORY >>Enjoy your day off - you earned it!

By Brig. Gen. Wayne Schatz
314th Airlift Wing commander

Congratulations on earning our first DUI down day!

I set a goal at my last Commander’s Call, if we went 60 days without a DUI we would earn a down day. By being good Wingmen, you met the goal, so I designated today as a DUI down day, in effect giving us a four-day weekend. I talked with Col. Jeffrey Hoffer, 463rd Airlift Group commander, and he designated today as a day off for the 463rd AG as well. This accomplishment was a Team Little Rock effort.

We closed out fiscal 2007 with 20 DUIs — only the second time in 314 Airlift Wing history that we had so “few” DUIs. Even one DUI is too many, but you showed tremendous leadership through the final months of the fiscal year to reach our goal of 60 days without a DUI.

This is a tangible result of the Wingman concept transitioning from an ideal into action In the upcoming months, we will experience stresses as our teammates continue to deploy and as we tackle the challenge of the upcoming Operational Readiness Inspection. How we react and overcome these stresses will test our Wingman concept.

Speaking of “close outs”, I want to also thank our Comptroller, Contracting, Civil Engineer, and Resource Advisor team who worked hard the past few months getting ready for end of year budget processing. As a result of their hard work we were able to secure funding for several important projects, to include some needed dormitory renovations, improvements to our C-130 assault landing strip, computer replacements, and several force protection improvements, to name just a few.

This past week we hosted a group of Civic Leaders from Germany hosted by United States Air Forces in Europe. We had a great time showing off our Airmen and C-130 mission to our honored guests. Thanks to our Protocol and Public Affairs teams for their hard work in making this visit so successful!

Again, great job — continue to be leaders and good Wingmen. Remember, another 60 days without a DUI equals another down day!

Combat Airlift!


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