Thursday, January 31, 2008

TOP STORY >> Top 10 ways to dazzle IG: No. 6 Appearance

By Lt. Col. Nate Allerheiligen
314th Airlift Wing director of readiness
Look people in the eye, pop that sharp salute, and exceed those standards for uniform, boots and hair!
óMaj. Gen. Mark Zamzow,
TIG Brief, Sept.-Oct. 2004

Appearance. Appearances do matter. Part of the pride and tradition of the military service is the fact that we strive to be the best dressed and best looking members of society.

Our military uniform and sharp haircuts are a beacon to society that reflects the heart of character of the American Airman.

As supervisors, demanding high standards of dress and appearance is a no-brainer: set your standards high, ensure everyone knows those standards, and then constantly exceed them yourself as an example to the rest of the unit.

Dress and appearance are strong indicators of what is within.

Those who take pride in their dress and appearance are usually those who exhibit pride in their job, which equals outstanding performance.

Anyone who comes to our base or sees us in public will immediately judge us based upon our appearance. Live up the high standard of Little Rock and the Air Force.

As an American Airman, take pride in who you are; show it in your customs, courtesies, and personnel appearance.


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