Thursday, April 17, 2008

COMMENTARY >> Let the games begin

By Lt. Col. Nate Allerheiligen
314th Airlift Wing director of readiness

When the Olympics begin this summer and the big torch is lit, it will be announced in the stadium Let the games begin. Some events will already be underway, but the preponderance of the competition will start with that announcement.

It is the same with our inspections. We have received many preliminary messages; the 45th Airlift Squadron at Keesler AFB has already competed, but now is the start of our primary push to the ORI. The deployment tasking for 314th Airlift Wing is in hand, the sourcing is underway and the team is being picked for our field exercise.

How is your preparation coming along? This is really going to be a hard sprint through to the finish. Everyone has been working long and hard hours up to this point, but that has all been the training to get us ready. Now is our time to compete.

No more excuses, no more procrastination. We are playing with full pads on and running at 100 percent. If your preparation was done well, you should be ready to go. If you have been putting things off to this point, now is the time to get those Is dotted and Ts crossed to ensure everything is in order. Clean up your binders, prepare presentations for the IG and close up open discrepancies.

There is less than 30 days to our inspections. Lets show those inspectors the professionalism, excellence, and combat prowess of Team Little Rock. Lets show them that were the best in the world at Combat Airlift!


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