Monday, August 11, 2008

FROM THE TOP>> Think before you drink

BY: Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley
I want to use this week’s article to address responsible drinking. Unfortunately, we have had several incidents where this concept has been compromised. Our wing has endured several driving under the influence occurrences over the past few weeks. There have also been instances where people have shown up for work with the lingering effects of alcohol use. These acts are dangerous and place us all in jeopardy.
These actions clearly demonstrate poor judgment and a lack of focus. Not only does irresponsible alcohol use place others in an unsafe situation; it also places the member’s career and lifestyle in peril. One of our main focus areas on Team Little Rock is being good community partners. We take this commitment to our community seriously and will do all we can to turn around this latest challenge.
The wing commander recently directed each unit to discuss responsible alcohol use due to this negative trend. This recent trend has placed us in a situation to ask hard questions down to the lowest levels of supervision. This article is primarily directed to first-line supervisors. Although your wing leadership sets the tone for the wing, it is you, the first-line supervisor who will have the greatest impact on how your subordinates conduct themselves.
I encourage everyone who decides to consume alcohol to consider the following. First, do you have a plan in the event that you drink too much, and still have to drive home? Individual responsibility is where proper usage begins and ends. Secondly, what measures does your unit have in place in the event you find yourself in an impaired state? Airman Against Drunk Driving is there to assist; however, this option should be far down the line, because I expect each unit to take care of their own first. Remember, this is about safety, productivity, and individual accountability. It’s your life, career, and reputation, and we want you to keep them all in good standing. Combat Airlift!


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