Friday, August 29, 2008

VIEW FROM TOP>>ILoyalty: The life blood of our Air Force

By Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley
314th Airlift Wing command chief

As we continue to reflect on the attributes necessary to cultivate a healthy work environment, I was reminded of the vital role loyalty plays in mission success. Loyalty can be defined as faithfulness or devotion to a person or cause. It can determine our success or failure as an organization. This faithfulness or devotion is often the difference between going the extra mile and giving up.

I was having a conversation with Mrs. Pat Sheppard, who serves as the secretary for our vice wing commander, and I noticed it was late.

Yet she insisted on not leaving her post until the tasks of the day were done.

I asked what drives her, and her response was that she is committed to our wing and its mission. I then realized: loyalty is rooted in our personal values and it connects to those things around it similar in vision.

Our core values and Airmanís Creed remind us that the Air Force will do all it can to take care of us and our families. Each one of us must ask ourselves if we are doing the same thing. If we exercise integrity, service and excellence then those around us will prosper, because we are all demonstrating loyalty to our organization. I can promise you your leadership cares and is serious about doing all it can to provide the best environment possible for you and your family.

Loyalty runs up and down the organizational hierarchy; so please continue to let us know how we can assist you in any way possible. Even as we transition from one wing to two, I can assure you all we see is Team Little Rock, because we are all family. Combat Airlift!


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