Thursday, October 16, 2008


Q: I have been having pest problems within our house on base, which I have tried a number of times to get resolved with the base housing office. There was a lack of effort and concern in dealing with my families housing problem. The pest problem never got resolved. I even told the leasing office that I donít want to move off base I just want a different unit, but again they wouldnít do anything. Because of this I am finding alternate housing, and terminating my lease. It is with great disappointment and regret that I am sending you this letter today, but I wanted to make you aware of how our base housing is treating its occupants.

A: We regret that you experienced these pest control problems but thank you for bringing them to our attention. It is only through active communication with our housing partner that situations such as this can be resolved.

While the property owner has been very responsive to many residents, the customer service you received was unacceptable. By documenting your concerns, repeatedly asking for resolution and ultimately bringing your issues through the base housing office, you not only solved your concerns but you ensured that they will become part of the compliance records.

Anyone having maintenance issues should continue to call Housing Maintenance at 987-6802 or the owner at 983-9044 until the problem is resolved. Please ensure that you document all calls or visits to the Town Hall and who you spoke with. If you donít receive satisfaction, please contact the Little Rock AFB Housing Office at 987-6040. You may also send an e-mail with your concerns/questions to 19th Civil Engineer Squadron/Housing Privatization.

Our leadership team has worked hard to build a good partnership with an underfunded, understaffed maintenance team. Little Rock Family Housing has been my biggest challenge over the last year and I will keep it as my top priority as we oversee the negotiated sale to a better qualified company. Together, we will make this partnership work and our base housing will once again be the top choice for our inbound Combat Airlifters. Thank you for your service to our great nation.


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