Friday, January 9, 2009

VIEW FROM THE TOP>>Time waits for no one

By Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley
19th Airlift Wing command chief

The one thing that we spend that we can never get back is time. There are two easy ways to tell what is important to a person; how they spend their time and how they spend their money. Where are you putting your time into this year?

I think this is important because before you know it, weíll be ringing in another year. It is important to set goals that help you spend your time wisely. However, it is just as important to establish milestones to ensure that you are on pace with your plan. So what will it be for you in 2009?

Is it getting rid of the spare tire that has developed around your waist? Could it be investing more time with your family and friends? Or maybe itís finishing that project or school the keeps getting pushed to the back burner; the education center typically sees a rush to their office for the semester following the new year. These are all examples of things we set out to do.

Iíve heard it said itís not what you start but what you finish that's important. My hope is that each of us determines to establish goals that appreciate or add value to our lives, versus doing things that depreciate or take away from us. Many people started 2008 but did not see its end. So just by the breath we breathe, we have opportunities to make things better.

Our wing is filled with people who push themselves to the limit to be better Airmen, wingmen and friends. So letís continue to take advantage of the time we have to be good to each other, our mission and our nation. Team Little Rock, how we spend our time will continue to be essential to the defense of our nation and way of life. Thanks for taking time to be the best Airmen the world has seen.

Combat Airlift!


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