Friday, February 6, 2009

Commentary>>Warrior: Affirming the Air Force ethos

I am an American Airman, Wingman, leader and warrior

By Col. Charles K. Hyde
314th Airlift Wing Commander

The United States Air Force is the dominant global force in history – deterrence, global strike, global mobility, combat delivery, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, special operations – our Air Force brings unprecedented capabilities to combatant commanders and our nation. We possess cutting edge technology, outstanding facilities, and have an unrivaled and unique understanding of how to bring air power to bear, but these are not the foundation of our true strength. Our strength emanates from the world’s greatest Airmen.

Yes, people are our strength, but it is more than people. Many airlines, companies, and civic organizations have excellent people. What makes Airmen different is the warrior ethos. I am an American Airman – Wingman, Leader, WARRIOR. We are heirs to a great legacy which includes great warriors such as Rickenbacker, Gabreski, Bong, Sijan, and Levitow; and great achievements such as Big Week, the Berlin Airlift, the relief of Khe San, and air power’s unprecedented role in Allied Force, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. The Airmen’s warrior commitments to fly, fight, and win is what makes us the world’s greatest Air Force.

In the 314th Airlift Wing, warriors train warriors. Our instructor force has over 100,000 hours of combat experience. The ability of the Air Force to fulfill its role of operational and tactical airlift depends upon the foundation that the 314th AW builds. A strong foundation is essential for success in the long war against terrorism, success on battlefields that we can’t predict, and in battles that our students, and not us, will fight in the future. This warrior ethos and commitment to
mission accomplishment start at Little Rock AFB and the 314th Airlift Wing.

We should be proud of the world’s greatest Air Force and our heritage of combat excellence, and promote the warrior ethos that is essential to our nation’s defense.


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