Friday, February 13, 2009

Top Story>>Comptroller excels above and beyond

By Airman 1st Class Rochelle Clace
19th Airlift Wing, Public Affairs

The 19th Comptroller Squadron, who previously reported to Air Education and Training Command, was presented the AETC Financial Management and Comptroller Organization of the Year Award in recognition of its outstanding achievements for the overall performance of the Airmen within the squadron from Oct. 1, 2007 to Sept. 30, 2008.

The Financial Management and Comptroller Organization of the Year Award is given to each major command’s highest performing comptroller organization. The squadrons must meet criteria in two categories, outstanding achievements and management of resources, in order to be selected for the award.

“All of us are required to do our job. So you have to distinguish yourself in certain areas above and beyond your peers. Here at Little Rock in particular, we had a very challenging year. We experienced an ORI in April 2008, prepared the squadron for a host base transfer to Air Mobility Command, “cut-over” to the new Air Force Financial Services Center at Ellsworth and we were a test base for several different financial systems for the Air Force.” said Maj. Rob Culpepper, 19th Comptroller Squadron commander.

The 19 CPTS were recognized for outstanding achievements, such as creating a Defense Travel System profile checklist that was adopted for use Air Force wide by Air Force Accounting and Finance offices to validate all user information.

The leadership of the Comptroller Squadron were proud when they heard that they had won the Financial Management and Comptroller Organization of the Year Award.

“It was not the accomplishment of one person [in the squadron], it was everyone coming together. I knew that they were working hard and doing great things and this just validated all the hard work that everybody put in over the last year. I was really thrilled for the squadron because it said something about everybody,” said Chief Master Sgt. Jeffery VanScoy, 19 CPTS superintendent.

“One of the hallmarks of the squadron I think is that we embrace change. We’ve really taken the lead for the Air Force in a lot of different ways in financial management. As a commander, there isn’t a better feeling then to stand in front of your [squadron] and to say to your guys that you have achieved the recognition of being number one,” said Major Culpepper.

“It just felt good to know that all the hard work that we did was actually recognized by the Air Force leadership,” said Master Sgt. Jerry Freeman, 19 CPTS financial services flight chief.

Within the squadron, the Financial Services Flight was also presented with the Financial Services Office of the Year Award at the Air Force and AETC level and Capt. Suzanne Overstreet was presented with the Financial Management Officer of the Year Award at the AETC level from Oct. 1, 2007 to Sept. 30, 2008.

The Financial Services Office of the Year Award is presented to the best financial services office in the Air Force each fiscal year. The award is judged on similar criteria as the Financial Management and Comptroller Organization of the Year Award, only at the flight level. Once the squadron or flight wins the command level award, they are then placed in the running for the same award at the Air Force level.

The Financial Services office is a highly prepared flight which received an excellent on their ORI in April 2008 and came up with a local Basic Allowance for Substance procedure, which the Air Force adopted and changed their Air Force Instruction. The procedure alleviated pipeline students from overpayments and debts.

The 19 CPTS plans to focus on further training and instructing their younger Airmen in the squadron and continue to embrace continuous improvement to their processes and products. The squadron is also planning to launch a marketing campaign, which will make the financial arena changes more visible to the Airmen on base.

“When I think about the two awards and as we go into the future, I think our focus has been, and will continue to be, ‘how can we best take care of our customers?’ What sets us above our peers is we’re 100 percent committed to taking care of the men and women at Little Rock Air Force Base,” said Chief VanScoy.

“We’re grounded in the fact that we know our mission is Combat Airlift and we know that everything we do is supporting that mission,” said Major Culpepper.


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