Friday, February 6, 2009

Top Story>>Little Rock Air Force Base military working dog passes away

By Senior Airman Richard Saab
19th Security Forces Squadron

The 19th Security Forces Squadron recently lost a valued member of its base defense team. Rex, an Explosives Detector Dog, served honorably for over eight years. He entered the military like all other defenders at Lackland AFB, Texas, on March 30th, 2000 at two years of age. Following his training, Rex distinguished himself with impeccable service in many different environments, time and time again. He was frequently selected to protect highly distinguished U.S. political figures and foreign dignitaries alike. On one special assignment, he and his handler were charged with the protection of heads of state from nine separate Central American countries. Further, Rex and his handler provided world-class security and screening during multiple U.S. presidential visits, performing admirably at each event. Rex’s last handler, SSgt Benjamin Bomar, related that “Rex was very loyal and reliable and could always be counted on to get the job done.” Following the 2001 attack on the U.S. and the anthrax scare only the best could be entrusted with the protection of the United States, again Rex answered the call. In February of 2002, Rex supported the successful Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rex served selflessly with a flawless record in 10 different overseas deployed locations with eight different military working dog handlers over his career. He searched hundreds of vehicles and buildings each day, enabling safe and secure military operations across the globe. Rex protected innumerable personnel, critical assets, and military resources over his career. Tech. Sgt. Jonathan Eha, 19th Security Forces Squadron kennel master, related that “He was loved by those he served with and will be sorely missed.”

Rex succumbed to severe respiratory complications and passed away at the age of 11. He spent his entire military career in the protection of others and his presence let the populace breathe easy. Rex was a hero among us and will not be forgotten.


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