Tuesday, June 10, 2008

TOP STORY >> Civil engineers hold training exercise

Each month the 314th Civil Engineer Squadron can be found training for war. They operate with their battle rattle and M-16s honing their skills as they constantly prepare to deploy.

During the third week of May, civil engineers put aside their home station duties to participate in a 5 day, 4 night training and exercise event. Eighty-three engineers packed their bags to live out of two primary locations, Camp Warlord and Blackjack drop zone.

The engineers at CWL went through classes and exercises increasing their skills at team movements, night operations, and many other classes typically taught at a CWL training session.

These engineers also worked on their contingency construction skills by making repairs and upgrades to the CWL training area. Engineers installed new area lighting, re-sided hooches, re-built DFPs and many other projects.

The 13 engineers operating at Blackjack drop zone had another mission. They had to operate in austere conditions to repair a road, install a gate, and build a loading dock. They also trained on field sanitation and hygiene, work party security, and convoy operations. The hub and spoke operation allowed the combat engineers to complete two missions at one time.

The five day exercise also provided training and preparation for the CWL cadre. Each year CE volunteers to be the test students before the official CWL season begins.

The cadre used the opportunity to put their new scenarios, training techniques, and classroom briefs to the test to ensure the rest of the base gets the highest quality training from the start. The CWL season began 4 June and will run through 29 August with six training sessions.


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