Thursday, October 23, 2008

VIEW FROM TOP>>Great work Team Little Rock

By Brig. Gen. Rowayne A. Schatz, Jr.
19th Airlift Wing commander

Congratulations to everyone involved in last weekendís air show. It was a tremendous success! The roars we heard of the engines storming through the skies over the Rock were a tribute to you, our community and this great nation we all serve. A common compliment I heard from many of the traveling performers who frequent air shows all over the country was that the hospitality they experienced at the Rock was some of the best theyíd ever seen. I pass along their thanks to all of you...each Airman and volunteer from the base and the community who played their part in pulling off an exciting and memorable moment in Little Rock AFB history.

Gen. Arthur J. Lichte, Air Mobility Command commander, will be visiting the home of Combat prepared to talk about your part in this important mission. And, continue to do the things that demonstrate our pride...Iím proud to be a part of an organization that doesnít just clean house because a Distinguished Visitor is coming...we take pride in taking care of what we have every day. Thanks for always doing your part!

Let me ask a question - if we had the opportunity to save someoneís life, would we do it? Itís easy to think that the answer for all of us would be yes, however it is sometimes easy to become apathetic toward the needs of others. If we canít see them, itís easy to forget that their problems exist. Combine Federal Campaign offers use the opportunity to take a few minutes to remember that there are people in the world who need our help.

By contributing to the CFC, we can save lives, period. Even if a life isnít physically saved, it is at least given a chance to improve through the numerous charities involved in the CFC. Every dollar helps, every contribution is important, and each of us has the ability to improve the quality of a life through CFC. For those of us who answered yes to my earlier question, itís time to be honest with ourselves. If we had the opportunity to save someoneís life, would we do it? Almost contributing is the same as not contributing. Take a look at opportunities to contribute to the CFC. Let our actions, not our intentions, speak for us.

Thank you for all you do every day, for the impact you make at the Rock, in our community, in the Air Force, and in the lives of those who need our help. Combat Airlift!


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