Friday, February 13, 2009

Top Story>>Housing residents offered cash back

By Tech Sgt. Kati Garcia
19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

An entire months’ rent is just a pen scrawl away for housing residents here.

Current Hunt-Pinnacle residents are eligible for a “move-in special” between now and Feb. 28, even if they’re already residing in base housing, officials say.

There are two specials currently available. Any new tenant with dependents signing a one year lease, or any tenant with dependents renewing an existing lease for one year, will receive a check equaling the amount of one months’ rent.

Single Airmen currently living in base housing who renew their lease for a year will now be charged rent equal to the single-rate basic allowance for housing commiserative with their pay grade. This is a reduction from the “with dependent” rate single Airmen had been paying in the past. These Airmen will not receive a one month rebate on their rent. Instead, they will enjoy a reduced rent rate. These Airmen will still need to sign a new lease for a year.

Officials say the monetary incentives are part of Hunt-Pinnacle’s way of showing their commitment to residents to improve their quality of life.
Eligible personnel are any current American Eagle lease holders and any Pinnacle lease holders who have signed a year-long contract since November, 2008.

Pinnacle is honoring the “military clause” portion of the lease which will allows members receiving permanent change of station orders to break their lease without fault – meaning they will not have to pay back the rebated rent amount. However, members breaking a lease because of “convenience,” meaning they opted to move out of housing on their own volition, will be required to pay back the one months’ rent if the lease is terminated prior to the one-year mark.

The lease must be signed by the active duty member. Spouses can sign if they hold a current power of attorney giving them legal permission.

The offer ends on Feb. 28, 2009. Checks will be mailed within four to six weeks of the lease signing. Anyone who signed a year-long lease with Pinnacle after Nov. 5, 2008 will not be required to sign again. Pinnacle officials are currently searching their records to identify those people who will be grandfathered in after Nov. 5 who currently hold a valid, one year lease.

Contact the Pinnacle Management Office at 983-9044 for details.


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